Monday, August 4, 2008

The Game

I fell off the wagon this weekend. I don't know what made me do it. I've kept myself busy, I have found other interests. But I caved. I thought I could visit the site just to prove I could live without it. And then I saw it . . . . . .

RANCH RUSH! A new time management game from Big Fish Games. I just HAD to have it~ So I re-signed up for game credits. A monthly deduction from my bank account allowing me to get a new game each month!

This whole addiction to the games at Big Fish reminds me of something. . . . . Oh yeah~ it's like that whole episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. When Wesley Crusher returns and he finds everyone addicted to a game. (Um, not that I watched Star Trek regularly and went to a Trek convention in Salt Lake or anything. . . )

Yes, addictions are bad . . . and the mind control ~ don't even get me started! But they package these games to stay at home moms and it's impossible to resist!

I can single-handedly run a ranch, managing my time to optimize my results. I am not running over children while trying to accomplish my tasks, I'm out NO money to start up my little ranch project, I get TROPHIES whenever I meet a major accomplishment and in the end I have like, $1,000,000. It's dream-like! And if ranching is not your thing . . they have others geared towards cooking and fashion design!
I'd include a link to this lovely game site - - -
but I don't want to become your game dealer


Shelby said...

Um, if I didn't have enough reasons to want to marry you before, your admission to being a Trekkie put things over the TOP!!!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Can't say I know the game. Is it like SIMs? Sounds addicting. I love how you tied in Star Trek and included that video clip :-) That's way too funny.

kellieanne said...

Does the fact that there is a golden statue of my character in town square of Animal Crossing make me an addict? I paid my bills, built my house, spiffied it up and caught a multitude of fish and bugs to get that statue. None of my kids did it!

Now if I can just finish Hard on GH3 and move on to beating Carson on Expert!