Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Back

What a week it has been! I think I am beginning to process everything that has happened this last week instead of just surviving it. Today I have a testimony that there is still humor, even in death. I think God has a sense of humor.

I won't recount all the funny things that have surround my friend's funeral but I will tell you two quick evidences that she was still around and probably was laughing out loud. (I only snickered under my breath).

1st. Kim and I have threatened my poor husband that we were going to get our HAM radio licenses for the past year. Jeff always tells us "NO!"I feel he is saying no because he knows we will mock his geek club HAM radio group. Sunday night, at Kim's viewing, in the same building it was HAM radio night. Call it cosmic coincidence or simply ironic -- but I heard Kim laughing and mocking some of the men in that meeting down the hall!

2nd. Kim has a new neighbors where she's at now. They seem to be festive neighbors. There's an abudance of these whiligigs near her in the cemetery. Her nearest neighbor has a patriotic one, he also seems to like Dr. Pepper . . . . warm, scary looking Dr. Pepper in a bottle . . . on his headstone.

I, and another close friend, are mostly responsible for her new home. The humor in location was not lost on us. And as the bishop stood formally next to this patriotic whirligig yesterday and took care of the graveside proceedings ~ I heard Kim laughing yet again.

I'm so glad there is humor "on the other side". Then again, maybe it's only "down there" where the laughter will be. Regardless, I don't think I'll be too lonely!


Leslie said...

All evidence of a loving Heavenly Father~!

tammy said...

If I can't laugh on the other side, I'm not goin'! I must have laughter!! (see why I'm friends with you guys?)

Shauna said...

Oh, there is laughter...otherwise why would we have bodies that can shake and jiggle like they do--or, is it just me? I'm glad that you felt some extra love by way of humor through all this. Sometimes, the best is tear thru giggles. I was thinking of you.
:) Shauna

Sherry said...

Hey there friend-
Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion and an occasional "finger salute". (Shhhh....I didn't say which finger) is a great release too. Good job yesterday! You're awesome

Anonymous said...

...don't forget the "HAM RADIO MEETING" sign taped on the left side of Christ's portrait...hmmmmm Kim's viewing or the Ham radio meeting? OR the random morbid story courtesy of a "hammy" that made me want to laugh hysterically or run screaming in the streets. BTW Chocolate covered strawberries are the best coping food! Thanks!!

kellieanne said...

Over the years I have watch you go through good stuff and not so good stuff. To see a person with a sense of humor at the end of it all is one of the reasons I love you so much. When I pass on, I will go where ever you go. Ain't no other way!

GrumpyAngel said...

I'm glad you're back. Your sense of humor is amazing. I wanted to check how you're doing but not neccesarily leave a comment because of the personal nature of what you just went through. I didn't want to seem voyeuristic. Then I read your post and you made me laugh, and made me feel comfortable about sharing the humor even though I am not one of those who personally know your friend. If I make it, I hope my celestial mansion is close to yours. I think I'll just follow the laughter and I'll find you.

You deserve an "award" so I gave you one. When you're ready to do this "blogging" thing again, check my blog and pick up your "award".

Amy said...

Hey Wendy, Cherylnn said I could find Kim's news article here. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful tribute to Kim at her funeral. I laughed and cried, and had goosebumps from head to toe during your talk. It was the most elegant declaration of love and friendship I have ever heard. You are truly a gifted speaker. --Amy

Wendi said...

Welcome back.
I was needing my "Wendy fix".
Love your sense of humor even in the face of tragedy.
Happy Wednesday!

Mel said...

Seriously the HAM radio thing cracks me up and I am positive Kim got a kick out of it as well. I'm sure she's thanking you for the new neighbors too ;)

Like it's been said- your talk and tribute to Kim was powerful. Everyone there could feel of your love, friendship and bond with each other. You really have a way of expressing such emotions and letting others share in them.

Kim's funeral really was something. Her life and the lives of those she's touched is inspirational. She was definitely there both sharing in the memories and laughing along.

P.S. Maybe we should get her her very own whiligig so she fits in with her new "neighbors" ;)

Grandma Vincent said...

I knew you would do an amazing job of speaking at Kim's funeral! You are so special and I am so proud to call you "my daughter." I hope I can live my life well enough to be able to spend eternity with you and your family!!!! You make me laugh, too, but most of all, you make me feel good! I am better when I am with you! I love you so much!
Mom Vincent (Carol)

Grandma Vincent said...
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Jaime said...

I echo what Mel said about your tribute to Kim. It was incredible.

The Turners said...


I think you did, and thank you for doing, a great job at my sister's funeral. Thank you for being the great friend you were to her.

I am sure she got a kick out of it. Thanks again,