Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Which Plan Did You Sign Up For?

Ah! The joys of being back in the 'real' world~

This evening I spent a significant amount of time trying to rent a clarinet for Josh. Call me "snitty", but I didn't want to rent an instrument I had just BARELY returned. But Josh's music teacher decided to 'hold off' on having him play the Alto Clarinet for a month or two and just have him continue with the clarinet (the one I JUST returned to the music store).

Tonight I waited in the incredibly long line of frustrated parents trying to rent musical instruments for their precious children. (Precious children were NOT waiting in line - they were wandering the store texting their friends or banging on the display drum set). While waiting in line I heard about ALL the plans you can possibly sign up for when renting a musical instrument. You can rent-to-own for the next 40 years until you've paid for your instrument. You can do a 180 day same-as-cash, pay now, play later don't forget your $4 monthly fee for when your child steps on his instrument and crushes it plan.

I know, you're wondering, "What plan did Wendy sign up for?" Well. I apparently signed up for the "Screw Me" plan. It's the plan where you want your clarinet back after returning it a week ago. It's the plan where they will re-instate your previous contract for a "FEE". It's the plan where you get the same clarinet back, after only a week, and pay $56!!


kellieanne said...

That is 100% wrong. I can't imagine what kind of training an employee would have to go through to explain that to you with a straight face.

Jaime said...

Ew, that is so frustrating. I'm sorry. I'm ticked just reading about it. I played the clarinet back in junior high. I inherited it from my older brother. I further indented the two big-gapped teeth marks. Our little bro had to inherit the chewed-up wind 5 years later. I guess it's not always great being the baby in the family.