Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sure, I'll Do What You Want

Did you know that there are people in the world giving TIPS on how to take advantage of people? Just today I found an article from the Today Show about "How To Talk Anyone Into Anything". I felt like I had a big red target plastered on my head for these people.

Their three proven tips were:

1. Speak confidently

2. Make eye contact

3. Be expressive

Immediately I've gone into Red Alert mode. How can I counteract these evil influences? I think it's something like this:

Regardless of "their" clever ways to get me to do things I don't want -- I have actually said "No" to a few things lately.

1st - I told the most darling and creative lady, Hailey, that I won't do the drama club with her this year. Of course I meant to tell her I wasn't doing the 6th grade play either - and that came out as more of a "maybe" I'll do that. Still! I did say "No" to the drama club

2nd - I told my neighbor that I wouldn't babysit her three kids for ten days. Okay, Okay - I did say I would babysit for ten days, but then went back and told her I couldn't (that wasn't awkward at all). Of course I did still say I'd do it for three days instead . . . . . . . Crap!

Nevermind -- I clearly just keep falling into their tricks and traps to get me to do what they want.


kimpg3 said...

Be strong, Wendy, be strong. I know you can do it!

Unknown said...

Way to go without the drama club. I can feel your pain in this area. Who knew such a tiny word ("NO") would be so difficult to say, with all the meaning behind it that we actually mean.
:) Shauna

Unknown said...
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Melanee said...

Way to go Wendy!! I am impressed! Now about the newletter... hehehe

Wendi said...

Tell me it isn't so.
Someone had to write an article on the fine art of manipulation?
Does it mention my name in the article?
Not as the manipulator...but the manipulatee. (is that even a word?)
I am a walking billboard for all the "suckers" in the world.
I am impressed with your ability to say NO.
Why is that so hard?
Then when someone needs something, wants something, or must have you do something...the only words that can fall from my lips are....YES!!!
Again Congratulations on turning down the Drama Club.
Baby steps Wendy.

kellieanne said...

What?!?? You watch kids?!?!??! Carp and I are planning a get away next month . . . . I'm sure we can be back in three days time . . .

Jaime said...

I think you gotta say no sometimes just to keep people from taking advantage of you. But sometimes even that won't stop the agressive kid-dumper. Next thing you know your neighbor's kid will show up in the early morning asking for breakfast, staying for lunch and not being called home until well after dinner. Oh wait...