Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ABC Order

I just received my ABC Distributing catalog in the mail ~ and I'm ready to place an order. But I thought maybe all you might want to go in on my order to help cut the cost of shipping. Here's what I'm ordering ~ just leave me a message letting me know if you want to add to it.

(Sorry no photos of what I'm ordering ABC doesn't like their copyrighted items lifted from their webpage . . . . . just click through to see what I'm getting)

  1. I realize that there's not a whole lot of need for everyone to get this -- but I am getting one for Kim's grave site. It should fit her own Dr. Pepper soda, or if she's feeling neighborly she'll let the guy buried next to her leave his soda there. I think the glow in the dark feature will be nice in the cemetary. And as I've mentioned before -- Kim's sense of humor would love this! Memorial Bench
  2. I have several people on my gift list for this next item. I know after checking them all out, you'll probably want several to give away too. I see someone mocking my Stay At Home-ness receiving the Motivation Mug
  3. Hooray! Jeff will now let me get a dog ~ as long as I buy this first. Then again, maybe I'll get them for my kids. Remote Control
  4. More Three Legged Underwear
  5. Lastly, for my work station and for Jeff at work there's this great office supply item. Don't miss the paper clip storage feature on this Butt Station

Can't wait to get this order placed! I'm thinking of adding more to my order so I can get my Christmas shopping done early this year.


The Turners said...

hey there! So I see that you have the demotivator mugs. Have you seen the website for these people. I go there when ever I need a good laugh. http://despair.com/viewall.html

AirmanMom said...

Oh good..I am not the only one taken in by the ABC catalog! I need to grab mine and look up what you are purchasing!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

tammy said...

I'll take 3 of those "Butt Stations" in orange, please. And yes, one of them is for me.

The Wright's said...

That office supply "butt station" is hilarious!!! So great!

Mel said...

Add yet another BUTT STATION for me (preferably orange).

That would look great sitting on a teacher's desk! ;)

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

Wendi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice note.

I love your background, I need to come back and visit again, you are cracking me up!