Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The big, annual primary program for the ward has come and gone. I am breathing a sigh of relief that it seems to have gone well.

For a twist this year, I solicited feedback from the congregation. They were asked to write their comments on a form included in their program. My intention was to read the appreciative comments as part of primary sharing time. The following portions of feedback notes were not included on Sunday -- but were so enjoyable I'll share them here:

"I thought it was great too, but I would have enjoyed it more if you would have had refreshments and ironed my shirt!" -- D. Henry

"Wow! The 9th ward primary has, like, the hottest 1st councilor ever!" -- Anonymous?

"Make the lady with blonde hair move - I couldn't see Emma" -- Anonymous (aka my mom)

And my favorite message, written in it's entirety:

"The program so far is pretty good but I can't help noticing that there has not been enough Damon D. (he is so funny and spiritual). I am hoping by the end he will have spoken -- written @ 1:50pm

D&C Section 4 was good / Called to Serve even better! -- still no Damon. . . . concerned

The YW performance - WOW! -- A+

Sunbeams were flat on their song. It sounded as if they just spoke it -- C-

Ethan Vincent - Nepotism -- Damon could have sang that

Maybe next year there will be more Damon"

Signed, Pres Henry

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Nik said...

Cute idea! Ours is coming up in about three weeks. My first since participating as a primary age child. SCARY! :)

Shauna said...

I love the idea of a feedback form on the program. I can only imagine what the comments from the Ghetto Ward (mine) might be. Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Glad it is over for you. Now back to your regularly scheduled life.
:) Shauna

Leslie said...

Boy do I wish I could have been there for that one, it sounds like a total success!! Way to go with the feedback forms, only you would think to give everyone in the congregation something official to do so when they started doodling it would just look like they were concentrating on that feedback form!! You keep that kind of stuff up and they will NEVER release you.

Jaime said...

The program was so awesome. Ethan was incredible. What an angelic voice! And I agree with Damon-lover about the YW, they were great. The whole thing was wonderful. Great job!

Mel said...

Couldn't agree more with Jaime and Leslie! Although, maybe next year you could somehow include a little bit of "Damon".. might make him feel better ;)

Ethan sure did a beautiful job singing...It really was great--the kids, the program, all of it.