Friday, September 19, 2008

My Greatest Fear

The following is an essay that Ethan wrote for school last week.

My Greatest Fear

My fear is pretty weird, so don’t laugh at me. I’m afraid of romance movies! I know I’m crazy. Romance movies are super scary for several reasons.

The first reason I fear romance movies is because I hate the long, gross, dramatic kissing scene! I mean, it is so gross. There’s always some reason they do it. Sometimes they have no reason at all.

Romance movies have no action. I mean, they have none! Action is the whole reason I watch movies. I think only adults watch romance movies.

Romance movies should be called chick flicks because only girls watch them. I won’t ever watch a chick flick, ever.

I have heard of stranger fears than romance movies. I have other fears, but this is my biggest.


I guess from now on I'll be checking under Emma's bed for monsters and Ethan's bed for romance movies.


Nik said...

Oh my heck he is so hilarious! Wonder where he gets that from?! :) He looks so grown-up. Quit growing so fast guys, I mean really.....

tammy said...

Kids are the best writers ever!
I would, of course, like to bet Ethan $50 right now that he will, in fact, watch a chick flick. He will, strangely enough, watch this chick flick for, and on behalf of, a chick..... (I am the comma queen!)

Shauna said...

Too good, Ethan! The boy at my place concurs.

:) Shauna

Peggy said...

That is freakin hilarious! What a great writer he is. I love that he thinks that "sometimes they have no reason at all." Hehehe!

The boy at my place vehemently disagrees. ;)

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Oh, so funny!!!! Your boy takes after you. He is a great writer and he has a sharp sense of humor.

My son will agree whole-heartedly with yours regarding romance movies. He whines and groans when it's my turn or his sister's turn to pick a movie for family movie night. And he is almost 16!

Sherry said...

That kid cracks me up and makes me SMILE. I bet you never have a dull moment at your house between Ethan's essays and Josh's three legged underwear.

Davis Family said...

LOL!!!! And then some more! That is just the best, I needed a good pick me up! Thanks for sharing:)

Grandma Vincent said...

Ethan, you are a gem! You have a great talent. I agree with everyone that you take after your Mom. Good job!!! You are growing up to be such a handsome young man. I'm very proud of you! Loves all around!