Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Knack

We have a certain level of "Geekiness" here at our house. Jeff does bring in more than his fair share of it. I'm not without my own level of geekiness too. However, Jeff may have inspired the following:

Did I mention we're hosting the HAM radio club at our house next Sunday?

(Disclaimer: It was Jeff, himself, who pointed out this little gem of a clip. He's not without a knowledge of what he's like -- and gosh darn it! I love him for all of it)


Unknown said...

Do you think The Knack is hereditary? Because I think my dad has it and I am pretty sure Dear Husband has it and I am afraid Cameron does too. (Sobs and fits of tears here--then relief at the thought that The Boy will probably not live in my basement as a 35 year old).

:) shauna

Leslie said...

Wendy, that is too funny:)
Oh, and I wish you nothing but the best on Sunday!!(that just takes IT to a whole new level, huh?)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Hahahaha! That was great. I grew up with a dad and two brothers who had "The Knack." It was fabulous! Many, many benefits. My brother even set up a Parent-On-Their-Way-Warning-System with lights that ran to each of our bedrooms, disguised from parent eyes. I wish I had inherited "The Knack" as well... There are many things in my house that would go so much smoother if I had.

The Wright's said...

Jeff definitely has the Knack! Crazy nerdo! He is his father's son. (Well all the good parts anyway!) Ha ha ha

Love ya Jeffy!

Nik said...

That is SO TRUE! He is definitely good at all that stuff, but its a great gift in my book.

Little GrumpyAngel said...

LOL funny!

I wish we have The Knack here in our house. So many things need fixing and nobody has any idea what to do that doesn't involve hiring someone with a professional knack :-)

leesaloo2 said...

Gotta love ham radios. My dad has been a ham radio junky for 30 years now. He even runs the MARA net here in Mesa. In fact, the old Suburban we had in Sandy had his call numbers as the licence plate. Dear ol' Dad is buggung me about getting mine. Still holding out, though. Just don't know for how long,.

Sherry said...

Hilarious!!! You crack me up.