Friday, September 12, 2008

The Parable of the Bike

I know there's a parable about a bike out there. I think it has to do with forgiveness, atonement, pure love. I have a different parable about a bike. It goes something like this:

A kind and loving father bought a bike for his daughter.

The daughter was thrilled with the kindness and generosity of her father.

She wanted to ride the beautiful new bike all the time.

But daddy wasn't there to help her learn how to push the pedals, how to buckle the helmet on.

The daughter was so upset and so desperate to ride the new bike she asked her mother to help.

Mother said if I have to ok.

Mother buckled on the helmet, mother showed (repeatedly) how to move the pedals, mother ran up and down the sidewalk, mother started to shout how to move the pedals, mother put the helmet on and off a million times, mother was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Mother is not talking to father and doesn't want to see the bike for a long time.

Daughter is still gosh darn excited about the bike and is pretty cute on it


Leslie said...

Oh Boy, one more step of independence and freedom for Emma!! Mother is an angel. Father should owe mother....(a massage and pedi!!?) for doing father's job:)

Unknown said...

Go, Emma, go! See Emma go! See Mommy run! Run, Mommy, run! See Mommy fall. Funny, funny, Mommy! See Daddy run! Run and hide, Daddy, hide! Oops! Daddy's caught! Poor, poor Daddy! You guys are hilarious!!!! You are such a big girl, Emma! Grandma loves you, Ethan, Josh, and Mommy and Daddy! Give everyone big hugs and kisses for me and you be very, very careful on your new bike!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

I cracked up reading your "parable". You are crazy funny! I have to say, however, that "Grandma Vincent's" comment made it even more hilarious! Anyway, Emma is lucky to have a Daddy who gets her a bike, and a Mommy who loves her enough to go through all that to teach her to ride :-)