Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hang the "Ocupado" sign from my head - because there just isn't enough operating room inside my brain!

I have so many different, little (okay, some big), naggy things going on in my brain that I have now succumbed to a new level of forgetfulness.

Twice in the past week I have left my car parked somewhere and have returned to find that I left car 'thoughtfully' running for me. Yup, went into Wal-Mart - came back out to find I'd left the keys in the ignition and the car still running. Nope, didn't leave a single adult (or child) in the car while I went shopping. And I did it again the other day in front of my house. I sent Melanie out to get something from my car - and there the van sat with the engine running.

My husband will kill me when he reads this, but it all goes to say that I'm processing too much info in my brain and it's filled to capacity and can't process whether I get out of a running vehicle or not.


Nik said...

Man, I suffer from the same syndrome, though it doesn't express itself in relation to my car. BTW, love the new family picture!

Leslie said...

Oh My Goodness!! Man do you need a vacation or what? I will get the sheets washed, put the skittles in a bowl and lay out the clean towels!!!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Wow, Wendy, that's some serious ocupado mind syndrome you have going there. I might be getting there, too, but I'm planning to take time off work for a week end of the month. I have 285 hours (7 weeks!) of vacation time earned and my husband is furious that I haven't used any for my own, just me, vacation. If I could I'd share some of my 285 hours with you, but I hope you take some time off and un-ocupado that brain, chicka!

Davis Family said...

It's a good thing the kids are in school, you need to work a nap into your schedule!

Wendi said...

I have similiar issues.
I haven't left my car running yet.
That may happen tomorrow...not ruling anything out.