Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Call Me Sponge Bob

Emma's on to a new obsession: Sponge Bob Square Pants. Yes, I know, it's probably not the show she should be watching on t.v. But she's just drawn to it, and I have a hard time saying no. Especially when it can keep her entertained for a few minutes. But all obsessions have side effects . . . . Here's a glimpse at the 'Sponge Bob Side Effect' from Friday.
Setting. An overly busy Italian Place Restuarant

Emma: Hey Sponge Bob! What ya doin?


Emma: Sponge Bob! What ya doin?

Me: Are you talking to me?

Emma: Yeah, you're Sponge Bob, I'm Patrick. What ya doing Sponge Bob?

Me: I'm going to have lunch with daddy. What you doin . . . . Patrick?

Emma: Going to lunch


Scene Changes. We are now at the front of the abnormally long line at the Italian Place and Daddy has just shown up.

Daddy: Hi, Emma!

Emma: No, I'm Patrick. This is Sponge Bob (pointing at me who wishes there weren't so many freakin people in line!)

Me: I just don't know where she picks this stuff up at dear, really. Emma, who's this? (pointing at daddy)

Emma: It's Mister Krabs!

Me: HA HA HA HA! From the mouths of Babes . . . .


* * * Note: Side Effect is still continuing I just received a holler from Emma who was in going potty . . . . "Sponge Bob, I'm done!" (We're switching back to DoodleBops as I speak) * * *
* * * One more note: The article running on MSNBC about a 'Sponge Bob Fanatic' being hunted over vandalism is NOT Emma. The only proof I can provide is that the vandalism is 10 feet tall and Emma is only 3 feet tall, she's not a great ladder climber and probably wouldn't have thought to put Sponge Bob's portrait on a chimney. Click HERE for the whole story - but don't come knocking here for a suspect!!


Jeanette said...

oh yes! My 3 year old is into Cars and Mickey Mouse. He is Lightning McQueen, I am Sally and Daddy is either Mater or Mack. His baby sister is Doc. Except when he is in the mood for some Mickey. Then he is Mickey, I am Minnie, his dad is Donald and his sister is Pluto. Whenever any one asks him what his name is or his baby sister's name he never tells them their real names. They inevitably turn to me with a confused look on their faces. Did he just say his sisters name is Pluto? Yes, Yes he did.
He also can get pretty upset when I dare to call him by his real name instead of Mickey or McQueen.

kellieanne said...

I think Sponge Bob is hilarious. I will talk the talk with Emma anyday!