Monday, May 5, 2008

Daily Tour

Every morning I like to stick to a nice, secure routine when I flip on my computer. I thought I'd take you along as I wander down the OCD trail that is my life:

1st - I make sure that I am securely logged in to my email account and that my instant alert is on so I can be notified immediately if I receive an email. I then check my email - Yup, I have 5 new emails! My good friends at LDS Living, Bath & Body Works, Total Health, Barnes & Noble and LDS Gems were thinking of me at 2am and sent me important news. I love those guys!

2nd - I pop open another tab in my Internet Explorer and hit the "HOME" button. comes to life with all the latest news that I missed during the 15 minute break I took between driving home from the gym and getting logged on. I like to make sure I have the latest jabs between Clinton and Obama and a minute to minute update on the cost of gas.

3rd - I scoot on over to another tab and check my blog. Ah . . . there it is!! It looks good and no one left me any comments between midnight and 7am - - dangit.

4th - I open a tab and log on to I look at the list of books I've read . . .Yup, they're all still there.

5th - One more tab and I log on to toontown. I've talked myself into playing for 10 minutes and then doing housework for 30 minutes. I figure I can get a lot done if I keep this routine and the 10 minute reward of playing will keep me motivated. Except, it never works that way . . . my little toon friends need help and I'm willing to sacrifice my laundry to help them.

That completes the morning tour of my desktop. I like to end this tour with a few more follow up clicks on all my open tabs and toss in a few new ones as I check local news at and the latest deal at After sifting through my favorite blogs . . . . I start my tour all over again.

I love the stability that my computer provides to my life!


Jaime said...

I'm leaving this comment at 4:11 pm. I'm tempted to wait until midnight to 7am, but am afraid I will forget.


Fun post.

Jeff said...

"Resistance is futile."
-- Dingle Flapsalot, Toon town Master

mel said...

I'm positive your toon friends are grateful for your sacrifice on their behalf ;) Man, what would we do without the internet? Actually, don't answer that.