Sunday, May 11, 2008


This past week on the Today Show, I caught a segment about "Mommy Bloggers". Now, I wouldn't necessarily classify what I say here as "Mommy Blogging", but as a person who enjoys sharing my boring life with the 20 people who read this every other week, I was interested in hearing about these ladies.

It was a pretty interesting interview that really caught my attention as I learned how much money these ladies are making -- holy cow! They are supporting their whole families on their ability to type!!

So, I decided to check out these lady's websites . . . . Boy was I disappointed. Other than some nicely taken photos, good sentence structures and nice looking pages I was sad at the level of crudeness. I guess I have an idea in my head that by blogging and connecting with other women I would raise the level of my life, not lower it. (Should those famous mommy bloggers ever see this, I mean you no disrespect ~ I just have slightly different values).

However, with that being said -- I tried out a rating system for my blog. You know, so that I could proclaim myself a family friendly, uplifting blogger. And here's the rating I got:

Yeah, PG -- I missed the G rating because I said "crack" twice and "steal" once (um. . . roll those numbers cuz I just said them again). So I guess I'm more offensive than I thought, but trust me - not nearly as much as some ladies!!


Jaime said...

I know what you mean about the crudeness. I only read one of the "Mommy Bloggers" sites and that was enough for me. I think your rated-PG site is a lot more entertaining.

kellieanne said...

I would read your blog at any rating level. You ARE my entertainment for the day.!