Friday, May 9, 2008

Wendy, Inc.

The other day I was subjected to a long list of pranks that some of my dear working friends play on their co-workers. At first I was annoyed by the fact that so many of these co-workers were being pranked while they were on vacation, going on cruises. (My current paycheck gets me a long, hot walk pushing Emma in a stroller for a vacation) But then I began to see how funny it was to pull these pranks on unsuspecting co-workers. I decided I would pull some pranks on my co-workers! How FUN!!

1st Prank - I reached back into my childhood and pulled out the old classic: "Saran-Wrap the Toilet Seat" I was giggling the whole time while I cleaned the boy's bathroom, wiped down the toilet, ran to the store to get some quality Saran Wrap, ran back to the store to get some tape and then taped that Saran Wrap on the toilet! This was going to be good when the boys got home ~ And it was! Oh My Gosh -- I laughed until I cried as the boys came out of the bathroom with soaked shoes and socks and pee running down the toilet. Ha Ha Ha! I couldn't stop thinking how funny it was as I did their laundry, cleaned the bathroom again, and pulled out the carpet cleaner for the floors they dripped on.

2nd Prank: After the first prank I just couldn't resist trying another. So I loaded up the half empty ketchup bottle in the fridge with Baking Soda and gave it a good shake. Next, I planned hamburgers and french fries for dinner. Holy Cow! What a riot ~ those kids gave the ketchup bottle an extra shake, popped it open and were in a shower of red sauce!! It was like Old Faithful in the dining room. I was rolling on the floor over the look on their faces. I was still thinking how clever I had been as I wiped ketchup off the ceiling, light fixture, and table. It was so funny while I cleaned the carpets, cleaned the kid's clothes again and had to make new hamburgers for dinner.

3rd Prank: Are you KIDDING ME? By the time I mentally thought through the first two pranks I came to the conclusion that pulling pranks on my "co-workers" would SUCK! Not only am I not going on cruises - but any pranks around here require too much effort on my part planning it and then cleaning it. Let them keep their pranking in the business world!

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