Friday, May 30, 2008

An Interview With Ethan

Interview with Ethan about the Last Day of School as I rush around sending kids to a pointless day of school . . .

Mom: Why are you only going to school for two hours today?

Ethan: Cuz, it’s the Last Day of School.

Mom: Well, why don’t you go for the whole day then?

Ethan: It’s not my fault. It’s the teacher’s fault.

Mom: Do you want to go for a full day?

Ethan: Hmmmmm. . . NO!

Mom: Don’t you think it would be the right thing to go for a full day of school? (me, using a guilt tactic)

Ethan: Nope!

Mom: How about the last day of summer that you spend at home only lasts two hours and I send you to school for the rest of the day?

Ethan: NO!

Mom: Why not?

Ethan: Cuz that would suck.

Mom: What am I going to do for just two hours?

Ethan: Play ToonTown.

Mom: Hmmmmm . . .time for school!


Kim said...

who knew Ethan could be so well spoken? Great Interview!

Mel said...

Perfect thing to do for those two hours! I laughed out loud about the last day of summer deal ;) Nice interview--cute photo!

Jaime said...

Ha ha. He knows you so well. Well played, Ethan!

Sandra said...

I just found you through the LDS Blog Ring and your header caught my attention because I see almost that same view from my front lawn.

None of us that work for the school district quite understood this total waste of time day. It was a nightmare for us and stupid for the students. But by law we are required to hold 180 days.

You should head over to and join in with the Utah chapter of the blogging babes. It is always fun to have new friends join us.