Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Apologies

It was such a beautiful day today that I just couldn't help but head outside and get some yardwork done. The grass needed to be cut and the weeds have gotten out of control. How does it all grow so fast when just two days ago there was snow?!?

After accomplishing quite a bit of yard work it now becomes necessary for me to issue an apology. No, not because my yard looked bad, or that I threw weeds and rocks into the neighbor's yard, or that I didn't worry about the person who lives 'down stream' from me as I washed away dirt into the drain system . . . but an apology because I know for a fact that my crack was exposed several times while I was working in the yard today.

I bent over to pull weeds and felt the cool spring air hit . . . and frankly, by the time I'd been at the yard work for a few hours I was too tired to pull my pants up. I figured I needed all the fresh cool air I could get at that point. I have no doubt that I've frightened all the neighbors who drove by today . . . but at least my yard is looking better!


Island mama said...

Hopefully you didn't get a sunburn on your nether regions in the process! BTW in Marshallese it's called a kung line! Translation-stinky bum crack!

mel said...

I was wondering why all the neighbors stopped dropping by. A bunch were coming towards the beginning, but by the end, no one wanted to stop and chat. Ha Ha Ha ;) CRACK me up!

tifertoes said...

Oh my gosh, again, you are too funny! I could totally see the image of you working in the yard exposing crack. I deal with this everyday as Ryan is always showing crack. The kids have learned to put things down it to convince him to pull up his pants. We may have to resort to fire ants because the toys and dirt is not working. Thanks for the laugh!

Wendy said...

Hmmmmmm . . . sorry that you had to see my crack even in your mind. Although you must have a LARGE mind if you were able to picture my whole butt! I'm thinking Ryan's probably got a cute crack though . . . . (just speculating).

Give Maggie Mae a kiss from her Autie Wendy. Hope you both are doing well!

Jaime said...

You have more accidental exposure stories than anyone I know! Ha ha.