Thursday, May 22, 2008

Foto Flashback

Yesterday's post got me thinking about what I was doing five years ago. Basically it was a time of change for me, and a time when I felt very lost and purpose-less. But still, looks like I managed a few good times.

Images from 2005

The above photo proves I have left the state of Utah. This is Oatman, Arizona. It's an old, bity, town on Route 66 - it's a fun place to go when you find yourself in the middle of the Mohave Desert. (This is funny because you can see Josh's head, but under the burro are Ethan's legs)

This picture is Lake Powell when the water was low (I guess it still is). This is actually the back side of La Gorce Arch, one of our favorite places to go to. (Man I wish that swim suit still fit me!)

Final picture is at "Aviation Nation". This was the first year we ever went to the air show at Nellis Air Force base. You can't begin to imagine the happiness of my boys (Jeff particularly). It is really an amazing thing to see all these air craft and watch them in action. We're crossing our fingers we go again this year.

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Mel said...

Yes! The airshow is incredible...i recall someone bringing me home an awesome dog-tag with my "title" on it from this trip (i don't think we need to mention what that title was...just that it has me listed as a SGT) ;)
Your boys have grown SO much!