Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wherein I Complain & Do Nothing

It's almost summer! (A sidenote complaint: Where the heck did spring go? Did we even have it this year?) Back to summer . . . Aahhhh, days spent at the pool, no more homework, no more community council, no more carpooling. Summer will be a nice, relaxing break!

Except that it won't be relaxing, here's just a sample of a "summer day":
  • Boys up at 6:30am to go to swim team
  • Rush Josh to soccer practice at 8am
  • Switch Josh to summer band in American Fork by 10am
  • Get Emma to swim lessons at 10:40am
  • Squeeze Ethan's chess club in once a week at 11
  • Noon, regather children and have a healthy lunch, do chores and get summer study done
  • 3pm about once a week take Ethan to art class
  • 4pm once a week take Emma to Hula class
  • Evenings get dinner made and kids settled so I can take mortgage loan officer classes
  • Otherwise take boys to assorted scout activities, swim meets, boat trips, soccer games and camp outs

Yeah, I'm already getting stressed out thinking about how busy the summer is -- but what do I cancel? Where is the magical line that needs to be drawn to keep my kids from being 'over planned'?

My complaint: Summer is too busy

My Solution: Complain on blog and then do nothing but hang on and survive until school starts again.


Small update - I couldn't help myself this morning and I signed Josh up for a pottery merit badge class for the summer too. Somebody stop me!


Kim said...

I am so glad you are starting your classes! It will give you something to do besides play toon town :)!

biggsetloserutahclub said...

Reading your summer schedule is like watching a show on anorexia, knowing how bad it is for you but still wondering what diet tips they might have for me. Soo where do you sign up for the pottery class? Seriously where do you sign up?

Wendy said...

Hey . . I signed up for a zoo pass too this morning, so now I'm obligated to get there at least twice to pay for it (I can't control myself, clearly).

But if you're looking for pottery classes . . I signed Josh up at UVSC. It's $35. Go to: ce.uvsc.edu/summer -- if you sign up we can carpool!

kellieanne said...

That pottery class sounds cool. If I can just convince Seth it's cool, maybe . . .

Wendi said...

OMgoodness...this sounds like me!
I have about a week to feel like, "Hey it's summer!", and then all the camps and classes and activities begin.
Where do you stop?
Where do you draw the line?
When you find the answer...would you mind passing it along to me?
Until then, I will just play my role as resident chauffeur.

Peggy said...

I don't think I have your answer. I'm in the sign kids up for everything camp, too. I figure, it's much easier than constantly trying to get them to stop staring at a screen and do something productive when it is so hot outside....

Jeanette said...

I'm just glad my oldest is only 3. There is no difference between summer and any other season and there is really not much other than a play group to take him to. :-) Just give me a few more years and I'll be running the kids everywhere too I am sure.

Tammy said...

I am the QUEEN of sign-up-for-nothing. (I'm not kidding here, either.) I think I have gene.....but I also think this gene skips a generation because Sidney's summer sounds as crazy as yours!!