Thursday, May 8, 2008

Morning Stretch

I rolled out of bed this morning and had the worst kink in my back. Of course, I've had the kink in my back and the pulled hamstrings ever since Saturday when I did yardwork. So I thought I'd do a little yoga to stretch those muscles out and get them warmed up for a day of house work. I recorded my yoga session for you to see:

Actually any video of me trying to stretch has me hanging down at the waist and barely reaching my knees with my hands. I am like one of those Big Hunk bars that has the potential to snap right in half if you smack it hard enough or try to bend it! I have always been pretty "inflexible" (that is not a statement about my personality ~ although it kinda applies). Even in High School when we would stretch before basketball practice I'd struggle to touch my toes.

I'm ready for a change though, I want to embrace some Yoga techniques! The Down Dog, The Warrior, The Triangle, The Mountain (I can actually do this one!). If there's anyone out there who can teach me how to bend please let me know ~

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mel said...

Um...I can't look at your blog now without viewing the clip of your stretching workout! Mainly I just think about how much Emma really believes that is YOU and I get a good laugh :)