Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In The News

Well, now that you all know that I like to regularly scope out MSNBC and KSL for all my daily/hourly news needs. I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite stories that just never seem to make it big on the nightly news.

1st - Bring some tissue as you read this really great story about a college softball team and some unbelievable sportsmanship. Click HERE.

2nd - This is my current favorite stupid-person-in-the-news story. This man tried to cash a fraudulent check for $360 BILLION dollars! Uh, Hello? . . . . . . Click HERE.

3rd - "Study: Slobby Guys Create More Work For Wives". This story just leads me to ask. . . Why will people not pay ME to do a "study" to discover the obvious?!?? Also, citing this story as evidence to Jeff did not give me any sympathy at all -- bummer! Click HERE.

4th - Why would you NOT click on a story that's titled "Scientists Decode Brain Farts"? I feel more socially accepted now that the story has run. Click HERE.

All this just goes to show how truly edukated
I am since I keep updated on the news!


mel said...

Wow--i don't think i've ever seen better sportsmanship than what those girls did...Great news; and the research done on brain farts--fascinating!

Also, this comment is more for "What Wendy said today"--nothing paints a picture quite like that ;)

tifertoes said...

Okay so I saw that softball story on Ellen the other day and seriously bawled like a baby. I never cry either. Then I came downstairs and tried to re-tell the story to Ryan and he did not understand a word I was saying. I think he thought the world was ending based on my reaction. Maybe it is the hormones, I blame everything on the hormones these days.